The Women of MAD MEN and the Bandage Dress

One thing I  don’t really love: Bandage dresses, even the fancy-schmancy Herve Leger by Max Azria collection.

One thing I REALLY love: Mad Men.

And so!

Christina Hendricks

Elisabeth Moss and January Jones

Max Azria is pretty good at what he does. He put out a great collection for Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear. Peek at it at

I think I’m just damn tired of seeing these bandage dresses everywhere, on every A-through-D celebrity. I’m a fan of tight-ass anything, as long as you have the mood and attitude to deal with the cut blood circulation and frequent gawking eyes. Aesthetically, the dress design quite pleasing, because the Herve Leger bandage dress showcases a woman’s form. Curves! Lots of people love curves. Some of the dresses come in pretty colors. The fabric looks nice. Easy-peasy pleasing in overall composition.

Boring? Kind of. Sexy slam-dunk? Totally. Can this dress make you look like a Star Trek sexy female nemesis? Definitely.

But the beloved Mad Men female stars…don’t they just look GOOD? My blind love for this show leads me to accepting the bandage dress. For now.

Image source: – EW’s Best and Worst of 2008 issue

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