Ash in Pocket

Cute, right?


Coin purse? No. American Apparel keychain knock-off? Nope. Cosmetic kit/mini make-up bag/lip gloss set? Nuh uh.


Mobile Ashtray.


via random good stuff / jezebel

Mobile Ashtray site

Yes! No more butts on the ground. I promise you, every cavalier smoker is a little guilt-laden for every used bit tossed to the earth. Litter sucks. Also, this is a chic alternative to a water bottle ashtray. Yellow-brown water = not that sexy. Or aromatic. Wait, does this make your pants smell like ashtray? Gross. It’s probably time to quit. 


Honestly, this is a great idea, and well designed. The packet DOES look like a discreet, chic coin purse. You can hook it onto your keys or bag or belt loop (maybe). The interior is 100% fireproof, and it has an AIR VACUUM to suck up the smoke and ash. Gadgety. $26 per tray is an acceptable price – the usefulness of the product is immediate, and the price low enough to ease anxieties over losing the damn small ash bag after a drunken stumble or two. 

Stashing your used butts in a small bag also adds to your apologetic-rebellion vibe, dude. So post-modern. Cop it.

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