Inauguration Designs for First Lady Michelle Obama

There is a lot of speculation and hype around Michelle Obama’s inauguration gown. These sketches by a few top designers are by far the best I’ve seen. Take a peek – 

Diane Von Furstenberg

Whateva Anne Coulter – Michelle can do Jackie O, and she can do it in yellow. Snap.

Christian Lacroix

A lot of his designs were very…Lacroix. Big volume and deep hues and dramah. I think many people would frown upon volume, because it means “excess”, which is politically unfavorable due to the economic times. Yawn. This blue coat and black fuzz/better-be-faux fur trim idea is glam but subdued enough for a conscious First Lady.


Monique Lhuillier

Red is such a good color, I’m sore that Republicans lay claim to it. Not really. Voluminous, asymmetrical, rusched, cinched, one-shoulder, ruffled = whoa femininity and power. Probably too Academy Awards-ish for the practical Obama family though.



Koi Suwannagate

I need to be schooled on this designer. I love the idea of a dress composed of fabric flowers – a play on fractals. With black sleeves or under-dress or cardigan (?), it’s a bit avant-garde for Washington, but Michelle can pull it off. She’s got such good brains.


Nicole Miller

This invokes Anne Hathaway’s Golden Globe dress – which I loved. So there. Poop on those who didn’t like that Armani Prive number. A bold cobalt blue aligns the dress with our good ole Flag, the one-shoulder shows off Michelle’s beautiful arms and brains, and all girls look good with a little glitter. And, I see that a belt is implied – hope it’s a lot like the belt seen on Kyra Sedgwick’s red Oscar de la Renta at the Golden Globes. I cared about Golden Globes gowns! Sue me.


Reem Acra

No doubt, Michelle would look heavenly in white. Flowy, feminine white with a portrait collar to steer the dress towards formal.

Reem Acra for Sasha and Malia Obama

Ladies are made when childhoods are full of Peter Pan collars, puff sleeves and refined buttons. I sense a velvet flower belt there too. Imagine your Catholic school uniform, but it FITS WELL. And the skirt was swingy and FUN. You just want to twirl in it all day. And the fabric is really pretty and soft, like a summer blanket but sparkly and special. Yeah. You want to wear this dress now, I can tell.

THE winner / best pick, in my opinion:

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta has a hold on the sartorial concept of “Feminine, full-skirted, confident, tailored, classic and classy”. Special days go in tow with a number by Oscar. I sense that the neckline will be flattering on Michelle. Malia will love her Little Miss gown, and Sasha will look elegant without her dress hindering her movements with stuffy long skirts or cuts or fabric. Oh yeah, and the girls are RED WHITE AND BLUE. Hokey in the way it makes Americans tear with national love. 





source: livejournal

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