Green-eyed for Louboutin

The power of Christian Louboutin shoes enslaves many a lady and proto-lady. Many people are willing to throw down next month’s rent money for a pair of real Red Soles. At the very least, many people stalk their favorite Louboutin pairs online, hoping for the day an extra $600 floats into their lives or the beloved patent leather pair go on SALE. The latter, by the way, never happens.

And so, people continue their philosophical contemplations inside department stores and in front of glowing eBay web pages: “Homelessness, or pink patent Louboutins? Hmmm.”

Louboutin originals are so. damn. sexy. The design stirs something carnal within shoe lovers:





Even when they look like hooker shoes, the Red Soles anchor them to some semblance of taste. MAYBE it’s the minimum-$600 price tag that anchors them in “tasteful” land.  I mean you can still look like a trainwreck, but flip the outfit 180 degrees into “fierce and hilarious” land with a good shoe.


At a $600-$1500 per pair price range, you’d think that Christian Louboutin is rolling in a McScrooge-sea-of-money vault from obvious profits. People are laying down mortgage payment amounts for these shoes. Louboutin could blow his nose with $100 bills. SO WHY…WHY WHY WHY does his website look like this?!?!?!


More heinous/genius imagery:


Really? Butterflies? Poorly photographed and Photoshopped top hat, bell jar, wonder cabinetry? Gothic script? Glowing neon green? Neon green eyes? Red cursive text?  REALLY. Shit looks like Mortal Kombat. 

Somebody got into the psychedelics before committing this stuff to Flash. Oh wait, it’s Olga of Greece.

Google Olga of Greece and you will find…a strange Columbia University 3D program project involving an egg tree (???) and an actual member of royalty. Answers are welcome to these new questions unearthed by Google.

Obviously, good taste in shoe design doesn’t equate good taste in web design, I dare say. OR…are we all just wearing red-soled, aggressively overpriced hooker shoes? Louboutin doesn’t equal TASTE? Banish the thought. I will endure monster butterflies, cheap stiletto-walking-foley sounds and a green-eyed fortune tellers to peek at the new shoe designs. And anyway, Saks Fifth Avenue offers clean and simple online Louboutin shoe  shopping. 

The chasm between the great design of the shoe and the weird design of the brand’s website is unsettling and not short of hilarious.

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