Dystopia, Now with Maps


Gizmodo just finalized their Photoshop contest for this subject: 50 Insane Things Never Seen on Google Street View. The image above is the winning selection, designed by Kevin Foster.

Geek out! This composition incorporates some of my many loves: Downtown Los Angeles, the city’s reputation in perpetuating Film Noir and Neo-Noir storytelling, Blade Runner and a nod to its production design. The tongue-in-cheek addition of the Google Street View reminds us that 2019 Los Angeles is relevant to 2009 Los Angeles. That geisha billboard on the z-axis of S. Flower & W. 6th will arrive someday.

A loyal sheep I may be, but I believe there is no way to get around LA without heavy usage of Google Maps and Street View. We Angeleanos live on the sprawl (and soon on the highrise), and it’s a city too vast to neglect proper driving/walking and parking directions. What a ticklish thought, that even in 2019 we’ll still need Google Maps to navigate our blimp through billboards and tenant buildings. Furthermore on geeking out – I’d like to see a Google Street View of the Bradbury Building downtown…with Decker running in it. 

Someday, S. Flower could be a diagonal aerial runway! Let us hope that invading Replicants are better drivers than those insane, present-day cab drivers on Flower and Wilshire. 

Check out the rest of the contest entries here.

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