Remember the Time

Many revelations culled from browsing the Auction of Michael Jackson’s Treasures:

Michael Jackson is part of history, okay? He IS History.

THE Socks…they WEREN’T sequined throughout! Michael needs sport-toe reinforcement too, JUST LIKE US!

AND, Michael loves/loved icons of royalty. Crowns, official seals, coats of arms, military regalia and scepters and stuff. Just couldn’t get enough of the King’s Booty.

Check the Edward Scissorhands detail behind this throne.

The final conclusion of my perusing is…

…that Dude is Crazy. Officially.

I can’t even think of anything funny. This is weird/messed up/creepy. I believe these are Lost Boys screaming/ tied to posts and trees. What?!

“Make my face, but bionic. It’ll be a subtle representation of my emotions over my appearance, facially. Insinuate the plastic surgery, but don’t overdo it, okay?”

Suddenly, this looks sane:

T1000 Jackson. Maybe he’ll spin and become a gold dust and follow you around Ancient Egypt. And then he’ll make out with your wife, who is Iman. This sounds like a problem, but then you have to realize: You Are Probably David Bowie. And That Is Good.

Natch. Everybody wants a royal portrait made, especially when one is wearing Peter Pan bloomers and red tights.

MJ is selling off jackets that are actually in style –  embellished military jacket with big shoulders, see here:

Blink and you’ll think it’s Balmain.

More crazy stuff, just for fun!

Pixie Duuuuust!

Wax Jeeves.

Roll hard with graphix. MJ as Peter Pan on your hood.

I am not a fan of Jeff Koons. But looking at Michael Jackson’s real possessions, then giving this ceramic MJ & Bubbles sculpture a second chance…I realize that Koons could be a genius.

This piece is something MJ would actually really love and would own. It’s his aesthetic, that’s for sure.  How meta would it be to buy a Jeff Koons sculpture of MJ & Bubbles from Michael Jackson?

I still think that Koons is the reason why post-modern art generally lacks intelligent concepts. I’m ready to fight anybody on that issue – behind the bleachers, after school, at 3pm. Bring it.

Images via

Auction begins April 14, 2009

Complete auction information at Julien Auctions

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