Nicholas Kirkwood


Nicholas Kirkwood is touted as the next Christian Louboutin in the shoe game. I think his designs are a little radical for your basic-pump-and-peep-toe crowd, but the excess is so satisfying.


His designs invoke thoughts of sculpture, Cubism, and flying insects. I’m in love with the signature chipped-block platform. Joining the adoring chorus, I love Kirkwood shoes.

Ava Gardner as a Replicant



Appropriate for:

…Ms. Selina Kyle. (unknown artist)



Your neighborhood dominatrix. I’ve lusted after these since I saw them on jak + jil


Ginger Rothstein, on a Sunday afternoon.



There it is – the “classic” peep-toe.



Barbie wouldn’t dare.


Nod to Ms. Miller’s article :)

It takes brains, a sense of humor and a lot of guts to wear Kirkwoods. J’adore.

Images from Nicholas Kirkwood, Stylelist, shoewawa and Polyvore. Painting by Picasso.





Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony buckle wedges. from V Magazine.


Western metal buckles, S&M (bless this trend),straps to heaven n’ pleasure, beautiful linear design,and color as black as my soul. 

These are the one-ups from the Givenchy basketweave wedges that everyone loves:

I love where shoe design is going…hopefully higher and stranger. Give me more lattice!


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