Eastside Gritty, not Westside Pretty

That byline is my code of life, in terms of Angeleano living and loyalty. I’ve been here 20+ years, dude. I picked a side.

Popkiller released this cutesy shirt that truly represents:

It’s available in black or hot pink, and I’m sure it’s an extra-slim cut for the extra-slim hipsters of the Eastside. The handwriting / font is not great, the jilted placement of the compass makes it frivolous in design…Whatever. It speaks the truth.

I would move the street out west by about 6ish blocks to La Brea, but my friend/source Pablo pointed out that Fairfax is selected due to the abundance of street fashion shops in that area. He would also like to add a bit about de-annexing the Grove/Park La Brea area. Park La Brea is gross. Get a real neighborhood, will ya?

Find this and the rest of the okay-but-cutesy stuff on Popkiller.us. Their Little Tokyo store is, you guessed it, cute. Here’s my other favorite selection from their original t-shirt line:

Be cheeky, if you can’t be stylish.

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