Topshop x Day of the Dead

My beautiful friend Lindsay L. Miller linked me to Topshop’s new Day of the Dead inspired clothing line currently out, online and in-store. Needless to say, I was so excited to see it!!

The most straight-forward Day of the Dead piece, and one of my favorites, is this skull embroidered tank-tunic. The embroidery is beautiful, gives the garment a tone of traditionalism (Mama sewed it-style) but the overall cut is sleek and cute.

Another skull tank-tunic, but this one is based on a sugar skull design. Wearing this in the summer at home, I think I’ll embody the “I’m so LA” attitude in the best way possible.

I also love the gold-sequined Trophy Blazer. Please send $300ish my way. It’s DOTD, it’s Prince, it’s the perfect thing to wear if you want to be found in the cemetary.

This Pansy flowers and skull print scarf captures some of the holiday’s central icons. Marigolds are the hero flower for DOTD, so I now I want this scarf with MARIGOLDS. Pansies are better for sticking skulls into though.

(It’s a pain in the butt to link to the Topshop site, btw, so apologize for hyperlinks-only).

It’s exciting to see designers pull inspiration from this holiday (obviously my favorite one). Day of the Dead is the anomaly in “dark”, macabre style because the ceremonies, clothing, props and decor are infused with bright colors, celebration and playfulness. Catholic ceremonies involving the Dead can easily turn too solemn (in afterthought, solemn style isn’t necessarily _bad_, see dark Victorian funeral style/head mistress/S&M-infused designs. All of which are sexy, trust me.)  Day of the Dead as a ceremony and holiday isn’t solemn at all, and it’s enjoyable to combine macabre/dark styles with vivacious colors and textures.

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