MAD MEN x J.Crew

EDIT: MAD MEN is collaborating with BANANA REPUBLIC, not J. Crew.

This is based on early information / rumors. Sorry people!

I don’t believe this classifies as a rumor, since the source is one of the Higher Ups at MAD MEN / AMC.

Creatives at MAD MEN and J. Crew are collaborating this year to release a MAD MEN inspired clothing line for women and men, to promote the show and satiate many fans and 1960s style aficionados out there.

Personally speaking…my excitement level is into the RED. Exclamation mark goes here! YES!

I’m not a regular patron at J. Crew, but the few pieces I do own uphold the brand’s reputation of good quality, class and simple elegance. The partnership between MAD MEN and J. Crew seems like a good fit.

Since its premiere, MAD MEN fashion and interior (production) design have become an inspiration to many. The masterful, focused recreation of the early 1960s era is a revelation to current viewers. MAD MEN has become a reminder to all that Americans used to regularly pay attention to personal style and appearance, and chose garments that answered appearance needs before comfort needs. Comfort is great, but grossly overrated (please see: Crocs, ill-designed cargo shorts and pants, velour track suits, and the growing list of usual suspects of Ugly or Fugly.)

J. Crew is a great candidate for hosting the MAD MEN style in clothing. The brand has already released neo-vintage garments, and is easily accessible and affordable to Maddicts and gentiles alike.

Also, the collaboration with J. Crew obviously benefits MAD MEN in promoting the show, which, despite its popularity and rabid fans (like this one!), still isn’t pulling the rating numbers it needs to satisfy all studio heads / producers / number crunchers (party poopers, that’s what they are, heathens. Scoundrels. Evil…people).

Since creator Matthew Weiner’s position has been secured, fans can trust that he and his writers are maintaining creative control over the MAD MEN world and brand. They’re really picky about which commercial collaborations and product placements to put into the show. This discipline keeps the essence of the show intact. A clothing line is totally appropriate – fans are able to wear the MAD MEN-esque clothes they love and the TV show is smartly promoted to bigger audiences through a major clothing chain.

Betty’s equestrian wear is definitely transferable to the J. Crew products.

As for the future collection, I’m hoping for Joan Holloway tight pencil skirts and gold pen pendants, Betty Draper petticoats and equestrian starched-collar shirts, and Peggy Olson white gloves (for church) and garter belts (for the Petes in our lives). For the fellas, I hope for Harry Crane bow ties and Browline glasses, Pete Campbell blue suits and tennis shorts, Roger Sterling necktie pins and three-piece suits, and a classic Don Draper white collared shirt. I hope the Don Draper shirt comes in a pack of two – one to wear, and one to stash in your office desk drawer.

Season 3 premieres in August 2009, but it really needs to be sooner. This show is SO good, you guys. SOOO GOOOOOOOD.

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