Inspirations: Production Design II

Quick inspiration list of production design – enjoy.

Midnight Cowboy

Production Designer: John Robert Lloyd

I absolutely love sets that naturally provide a split-screen visual.

A lot of information and action can happen with the right space.

I recreated this set for a college assignment, so I’m partial to it.

Best NYC shack out there.

L.A. Confidential

Production Designer: Jeannine Oppewall (HERO. She knows period filmmaking like no other)

Lynn’s luxurious front parlor. All the furniture seems over-sized, but the space itself is still huge.

Cramped, austerely brown records holding department of the LAPD. Complete with snazzy, smoking secretary. Beautiful early 20th century filing boxes…


Production Designer: Dante Ferretti (ALSO one of my heroes!)

I love the nesting tables under the mirror. Ginger and Ace are not the kind to give a crap about how many tables  they have in the end (they’re the  get-the-fuck-outta-Dodge-in-a pinch-and-fuck-the-tables kind of people), but they are prepared to have every size table on hand, just in case.

That yesNO sign behind Ace is an example of perfect set dressing.

Dynamic for being a 4 corner square space. With Dick Van Dyke steps. LOVE IT.

The Virgin Suicides

Production Designer: Jasna Stefanovic

The film was saved by its overall style and look. The girly paraphernalia clogged the main Lisbon household set, and remnants of it became the theme that donned the posters, DVD packaging, soundtrack packaging, etc.

Velvet Goldmine

Production Designer: Christopher Hobbs

I love this room. Visually, it gives us a lot of information. The wood paneled walls and long space signal that the room was probably a commercial, office space. Probably the record label offices, now closed and a weird hideout for a coked-out glam rockstar Bowie Brian Slade. Brian’s fame goes from fireworks to having his face on newspapers that litter the room. Sidenote – do coke heads only have “clean trash”? No rotting containers of food? Oh well.

All of the furniture is covered in canvas, which is logically appropriate, but the sheets also look ghostly – PERHAPS they represent  ghosts of Brian and Mandy’s past? UH OH.

They did fuck and fuck over a lot of people, including themselves.

I’ll end this post with a still of a pile of blow. Hey!

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