Inspirations 07.07.2009

I’m at work, like, 2 hours early. I’m an overachiever at heart.

Killing time, getting inspired, here are some photos / media / words.

This is my mood today, and it’s a goofy video. Click to see it on YouTube, suckers won’t let me embed it, boo.

Delicious leather studded camera straps. DEFINITELY beats that tired meshy Nikon strap.

Comfy-cozers punk rockers. Haha. An incredible amount of nerdy DIY goes into being ruff n’ stuff. 90% of the look is finding a sweatshirt that fits well. The rest is stenciling and getting high off permanent marker ink.

via BleachBlack

More DIY:

Button project by Zana B of Garbage Dress

I LOVE the final product, and the fact that she used red thread, black buttons, and a nude jacket with shoulder pads. I love Zana’s style, she’s a great inspiration for curvy fashionistas.

Harness necklace trend? Yes please.

(Open photos in a new window or tab to see full size – wordpress is compressing my shit :P )

Sailor and Lula 4 Eva.

WILD AT HEART, David Lynch, 1990

Those lace flare pants are back in style.

That’s a damn good room.

EYES WIDE SHUT, Stanley Kubrick, 1999

Clear Chanel via Luxirare

I want this girl’s WARDROBE, culinary TALENT and LIFE. And her little dog too. His name is Rocky.


Hooker haute. Those look like YSL Tribs (or damn good clones) with chain stirrups. Giddy up.

Ga Ga for Givenchy.

via ShoeLust

Speaking of GaGa…

I’m always in love with the crazy ones. Plus she’s rocking yellow-gold quilt with black and white checkered print.

That’s my melody.

(via Dlisted)

But better yet, Natasha…

Saw Bat For Lashes @ the El Rey in LA some weeks ago and was blown away. She’s one of the rare artists who are better live than on record.

And I leave with a HOLY SH*T photo:

Guitar Gun

HOLY MOUNTAIN, Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1973

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