Summer Goth

Scored a pair of pretty good Kirkwood-esque shoes…

fauxkirkwood copy

aaaand got bored, played with photoshop, made this image thingie.

I believe these beauties are supposed to be these Kirkwoods:

But the copies lack the colored snakeskin heel and that…gasp…that…THAT orgasmic chipped-block platform bottom.

One day, I’ll have the $800-$2000 for a pair of really-real Kirkwoods. Sure. For now, my patent black rip-offs will serve me well, exiting cars and entering bars in Los Angeles.

Here’s a fantastic article/image source for Kirkwood’s Fall 2009 line at Obsessed with Shoes. I see the use of HAIR or monkey-hair-type used as fringe. Remember when Tim Gunn almost barfed when Chris March (the awesome drag-fashion PR designer) used human hair as a trim? Now, hair is everywhere. Good or bad, I’m not sure yet…

Tangent off Project Runway memories – when the heck is that Christian Siriano for Payless line coming out?

I want cheap chic now, hello!


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