Weird on Top

Let’s talk about Diane Ladd in WILD AT HEART, damn it!

Lesson 1: Plot evil over champagne cocktail and slurp maliciously.

Lesson 2: Blond coif, blue eye shadow and pale pink shoulder pads are NOT bad ideas. Especially when combined.

A lot of people pine over Isabella Rossellini’s performance as Perdita Durango, because, well, she’s hot:

BUT…Diane Ladd. The fashion explosion that is Diane Ladd as Marietta Fortune. Golly.

Lesson 3: A bit Dolly Parton, a bit Balmain.

Lesson 4: When you know it, pose it.

Lesson 5: Neon versions of colors are better than plebian hues.

(I notice that David Lynch’s women are always wearing the brightest, most matte reds, pinks and oranges in makeup)

Lesson 6: When you take your hair down at night, make sure it grows another 2 feet or more.

Lesson 7: Occasionally, completely lose your shit. Go bonkers. With lipstick.

Especially when you find out your daughter has cut out to California with her Sailor.

Lesson 8: Never forget your inner Wicked Witch.

Okay, now for fun:

My favorite poster for WAH

Two hearts on fire

Shadow assassin

Gyrating mermaid toy.


Image sources: moviescreenshots, WAH, film_stills LJ

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