My Old Studded and Chains

Punk Rock Appropriated is lookin’ goooooood. I know some Old Timer-Scenester version of yourself/myself wants to hand out Poser cards to most fools out there because they don’t have the proper record collections to back up their pyramid studs and safety pins, but shush that. Fuck that uppity noise. A good look is a Good Look.  And it’s fantastic to have easy access to these beauties:

Eddie Borgo

Image via BleachBlack

A bit Stevie Nicks, a bit anarchist.

This multi-bracelet, connected-chain concoction is deliciously…BDSM in nature.

This is The Look – Heavy Handed.

Images/products via Bonadrag

I Wanna Be Adorned:

Simple and very necessary:

Images/products via Urban Outfitters

I’ve been rocking this loose-long-cone-spike look with bracelets this summer:

Acquired three of a kind – one brushed gold, one brushed nickel, and one in a hematite finish. I think they’re Elizabeth & James. Gold and hematite pictured, in a fuzzy fashion. That’s what I get for pulling images off facebook.

In your darkest hour, be adorned by Givenchy:

Queenly and punk, yeah? This really reminds me of Vivienne Westwood.

Hair is everywhere. Check out Lindsay Miller’s post about hair-everywhere.


THIS IS DIVINITY. Someone propose to me with this ring-bracelet piece, PLEASE.

Images/products via Luisaviaroma

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