FashionFetishFantasy – Thierry Mugler

My first favorite designer was:

Thierry Mugler.

I blame MTV.

…an aside: Doesn’t this music video TOTALLY RULE? SO GOOD. SO MTV. When it wasn’t full of jerks, MTV was the tops.

Please keep watching. Tyra Banks is in there. Before she was crazypants, she was hot pants. Actually, she doesn’t even wear pants in this video, so like, appreciate that.

Not to knock it – the current fashion world is incredible. But yes, it’s apparent that popular labels, like Balmain and Balenciaga, are heavily influenced by the S&M yesteryears of the late 1980s-1990s. Thierry Mugler’s imprint is everywhere, especially in the robo-corset-power shoulder-liquid black looks that pop up. It took nearly 10 years, but Mugler is now validated and very much relevant.

Lady GaGa has made 3-4 versions of her origami dress, which is based on a Mugler design. In 2008, Mugler designed some costumes for our resident Sasha Fierce, Beyonce. I JUST learned that Mugler designed the characters and costumes for Cirque de Soliel’s ZUMANITY show in Las Vegas – you know, the sexy-porny-amazing branch of the famous troupe. Hot. Mugler’s quick jaunts into the current fashion world just make me CRAVE for some original Thierry. But alas, his atelier has been closed for years now, and the only thing bought at are his famous perfumes and accessories. Boohoo.

At least, I can thank him for the memories.

Circuit boys and drag fantasy? Yes, please.

Ah, pure theater. The best kind of cheese.

“Comfort? What is comfort? What about confidence?” – Thierry Mugler

In middle school, I bought this book – FASHIONFETISHFANTASY, a book on Thierry Mugler edited by Claude Deloffre. Mugler’s designs and photo/ad campaigns became very influential over my entire sense of style and art. Okay, I have a proclivity for PVC, so it was an easy match. Still, Mugler was often on my brain and on-hand, whenever I needed an inspiration for painting or drawing or dressing. Reviewing this book now, the clothing is still so shockingly beautiful and fresh. It’s as good as the day I first set eyes on it.

You never forget your first.

Scans by me – enjoy!

(open photos in a new tab/window to see full size – damn fixed width wordpress nonsense)

I WORSHIPPED this motorcycle corset. Still do.

This is the piece that is heavily referenced in Balenciaga’s SS 07 line.

This is the piece that heavily references C-3PO too, if you want to get all literal on me.

Cyberpunk 4 Lyfe.

I think I will always try to copy this look, every day, forever.

Can’t say I’ve done it, can’t say I didn’t.

I concur.

I feel that Cavalli took this look, years later.



Hair’s always been there. And so have the Trumps.

There’s a soft, playfully theatrical side to Mugler. I love it, but I really am head-over-5″ heels for his PVC regalia.

History lesson via NYT:

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  1. VV

    Beautifully constructed write up I so enjoyed it very much – thank you, this designer is super brilliant and a true visionary of such super natural proportions! I am looking to purchase a DVD of this entire 1995 VH1 Fashion and Music Award episode, is that even possible???? Please help me ! Thank you all..

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