Oh, Baby Girl.

I had to add to this trend today, because I love her so. Today’s the 8th anniversary of Aaliyah Haughton’s death, and it still feels like a tragedy that she’s gone. In high school, a friend of mine, who didn’t like R&B, liked Aaliyah because “she was the nicest one out of all those pop stars, and never seemed to over-extend her image just to be popular.” Not a phoney like Britney, and never had to slut out just to get some attention. And yeah, her work with Missy Elliott & Timbaland = OUTSTANDING. Classic. So good. They really grew together.

I love Aaliyah. I still have all of her music, and I’m glad it’s the top of my queue on a daily basis.

Miss you!

MTV – Aaliyah’s Legacy

Also, the most memorable dress to me:

Cavalli at the VMAs. I remember how this dress moved, when she walked across the stage. Pretty sure I tried to find a good rip-off for some school formal dance (I never found it). Totally amazing.

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