The 2009 Emmys & the Ladies of Mad Men

Mad Men won the 2009 Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series! Yay! Doye!

I didn’t watch the entire ceremony, but I did skim through parts and photos online  to find our favorite Mad Men female stars on the red carpet:

Christina Hendricks

(OKAY – not the best facial expression on Christina – whatever. Check out that Goth train)

In L’Wren Scott. Usually, I think L’Wren designs for perfect svelte-skinny types, but I’m dead wrong in this case. This dress is really pretty to me, and there’s a long mermaid tail of black lace Goth stuff on the back. What’s not to love? People expect Christina to look glamorous in an effortless manner,  and to um, feature her natural…features…and I think this dress does the job.

Elisabeth Moss

I agree with most fashion bloggers out there – this dress isn’t so flattering or show-stopping. It’s rumpled satin. The color is really flattering on Elisabeth, and I favor the jeweled-yoke collar. I think we can do better, though.

January Jones

In Versace Atelier, again!. She’s starting to amaze me with her red carpet selections (or rather, her stylist is doing a pretty damn good job). At the 2008 Golden Globes,  she wore a space-age-y blue satin Versace Atelier that looked incredible on her – it was modern in detail, classic in silhouette, and the blue matched her eyes. I love it when red carpet gowns have a bit of sentimentality attached to the outfit – “it matched her eyes” or “it looks like my mom’s prom dress” or “it belonged to my husband’s ex-wife” or some weird shit.

This year’s white Versace dress easily places s January Jones as the Best Dressed of the evening. The dress bit edgy (corset! THAT’S edgy!), but the dress is overall glamorous and palatable to all those silly Americans who freak out over “weird fashion”. The corset’s flared bottom “shells” = soooo coooool.

Speaking of slightly weird, here are my other favorites:

Mila Kunis

In Monique Lhullier. The abrupt ankle hem is weird, sure – this hemline isn’t “in” right now, but the overall composition is really pretty. I love tons of tulle layered and gathered over a basic, sexy dress cut. The color burgundy is also really flattering on all who are tanned and dark-haired.

Kristen Wiig

Someone on Yahoo said this dress looked too “Darth Vader”, which is…UH, THE PERFECT REASON TO WEAR IT, HELLOOOO. I want a Darth Vader-esque dress. Fucking awesome. Everyone is voting Wiig as one of the Worst Dressed at the Emmys this year, but eff that noise. Geometric black dresses FTW.

Images from Life, Yahoo and Stylelist


  1. Johanne

    January Jones’ Versace dress is so amazing- I just can’t get over it. She looks stunning! Wow. And so does Christina Hendricks- a perfect dress on her, although I love seeing her in green.
    I agree that Elisabeth Moss needed a better dress- one that wouldn’t look like she got delayed in traffic and sat on it for an hour before walking the red carpet.

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