So Get Your Leather On

Speaking of stage design:

(That’s my crappy, blurry photo. I either need access to pit tickets 24/7 and/or a new camera. Both.)

The five eyeballs and glitter target at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show at The Greek Theater – awesome! Eyeballs are a continuing motif with the YYYs, as an eyeball-in-mouth donned the cover of the “Zero” remix album:

Somehow the eyeball reminds me of the egg on the cover of It’s Blitz!

Eyeball = Egg



Also, there were these super-size beach ball / eye balls released onto the audience by mid-set. Pretty neat to bat around a few eyeballs during “Hysteric”.

The YYYs began the show behind a mysterious, white curtain that covered the whole stage, which dropped after the first few lines of “Runaway”. I love this stage trick. It’s an old bag, but there’s something exciting about a band doing a Reveal on-stage, with the intent to surprise everyone with crazy stage design or special effects or weird costumes. It’s good showmanship.

And this band is not shy about weird costumes – Karen O rocked this inflatable, zebra-print, pseudo-Native American head dress and cape-kimono in the beginning of the show – no doubt a Christian Joy creation:

It reminded me of Bowie or Kenzo.

The inflatable parts are separate – she removed the coat with the puff shoulders and kept the “mohawk” on for a bit. Then the mohawk came off, and it was just the hoodie part of the main onesie. And of course, she could pull down the hoodie to expose her hair…yeah. Complicated.

Here’s the under-costume:

[BTW – I am tickled that Christian Joy uses Livejournal. ME TOO, LADY!]

Just because I love Mr. Zinner:

A friend snapped this awesome photo:

Lucky girl with pit tickets! This is during a pregnant pause they staged for “Date with the Night”, for the encore.

Another effective old bag: freeze and make ’em wait!




Yeah Yeah Yeahs official

Christian Joy

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