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Hello, lover.

via Nasty Gal Vintage

Leopard print creeper-heels! Heeeeeell yessss!! Lindsay tipped me on this pair and I had to get them (I thought about it a long time, alright? Sheesh!) They’re ass-kickers but a bit femme, which is a perfect combination.

Phi put out a creeper boot that I also love, and wish I could afford –

via Jak + Jil

I’m partial to creepers – I rock/rocked these TUK Tux shoes for years and love them. It’s great to see the creeper style come back into fashion, in original form or modified.

I think the next pair I *need* are these patent-leather black Converse All-Stars:

They’re from DELIAS. Delias, yo. Remember when you or a girl friend would get the newest Delias or Alloy catalog in the mail, and it was like, the MOST EXCITING THING EVER? Ah, the mid-90s. Delias is still worthwhile, because they have an exclusive deal with Converse – the teen store carries every color and many limited-edition styles.

I definitely need these low-tops, because it’s a SHINY pair of Converse. I swear, these are different from the other 2-6 pairs of Converse I own. Really.

Truthfully, these shiny Chucks = Tux creepers + black low-cut Chucks. Hence, my immediate attraction and adoration.

I also really wanted these black buckled-mod-punk boots by Underground, but alas, Pixie Market ran out of my size:


I’d have to learn how to play guitar (better), in order to pull off these I’m-such-a-cool-Manchester-post-punk-musician shoes. The shoes look like they come WITH a guitar case and a pack of cigarettes. How dangerous.

Onto favorites from S/S RTW 2010 and some randoms:

Dolce & Gabbana

You had me at black lace + cage style + lace-up +mesh + goth + layered + bootie.

Louboutin for Philip Lim 3.1

I’m stuck on punk rock ass-kickers, I know.

You can’t really mess with a Louboutin silhouette. It screams sex.


Luella’s collection is 60’s vintage-inspired, obviously. This style is pretty easy to find in any vintage store / rockabilly fashion site / modcloth,  but I had to include the Luella shoes because they’re so damn Betty Draper/MAD MEN. Love.

Vera Wang

This defines the term “a new basic”.


Random bandage-bondage wrap boot from Gucci!


These remind me of L.A.M.B., because I imagine kooky Harajuku girls wearing them.

Jil Sander

Crazy steampunk style.

And now for the VERY BEST:

Nicholas Kirkwood for Roksanda Ilincic

Feathers! EVERY shoe I would kill for or die for or mortal-sin-for is designed by Kirkwood. I’m a fanatic.

One more Louboutin:

Jak+Jil for

OK OK one more Louboutin:


Hmmm, really not into the weird flat platform wedge shoes or kitten heels I’m seeing in some of these S/S RTW 2010 collections. These styles are probably so “over”, but please give me more buckles/straps/laces/stripper shoe shapes.

These rockabilly boys were kinda cute, back in the day, right? (It’s actually difficult to find an attractive photo of young Brian Setzer. Sad. What’s up with that?)


Jak + Jil

Pixie Market

A Woman and Her Shoes

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