Mad Men, Courtesy of Pasadena

Amy Wells at Vintage Vintage Vintage! at the Pasadena Antique Center

Los Angeles Times did a great article on Amy Wells, the Emmy-winning Set Decorator on “Mad Men”. (To clarify, Set Decorators work under the Production Designer, and are wholly responsible for finding and providing all the furniture and decor for the sets.)

Supporting the entertainment industry and interior design aficionados, Los Angeles is full of wonderful antique and home decor stores. Some of the very best stores are found in Pasadena, CA – my hometown!  I was so excited to learn that Amy Wells frequents many Pasadena shops to achieve the beautiful, idyllic mid-century design in “Mad Men”.

Amy Wells at Salvation Army

“Pasadena has the crème de la crème of used furniture stores on this part of the planet,” says Wells…the Pasadena Antique Center. “They have everything from Victorian to Art Deco, Hollywood Regency and Palm Springs modern,” Wells says of the sprawling two-story antique mall. Among her regular stops: Now/Again for ornate furniture, MJH Design Arts for Baroque and neo-classical antiques, Jack W. Smith for Art Deco, and the Modern Zooand Bonita Interiors for lacquered traditional pieces used in “Mad Men” for the living room of the lead character, Don Draper.

Amy Wells at Salvation Army

Ah, this just gives me MORE hometown love. My favorite show contains antiques from stores from my hometown? GEEK OUT. If you want class, come to this village-town, for sure. I want to go out there and snag all the mid-century antiques to make my own little “Mad Men” bedroom (Not really. Sort of. Ok, I would!) – but I wouldn’t want to “steal” from Wells or the MM art department.


Thank you to Matthew Klekner for the link to this article

Los Angeles Times

Pasadena Antique Center

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