Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos is my FAVORITE holiday and event in Los Angeles. I look forward to it every year. This year, the festival will be on Saturday, October 24, from 4pm-11pm. If you’re in LA, DO NOT MISS IT! Swing by the cemetery in between parties. Cool kids do it.

Those in attendance: tons of families, grandparents, punk rockers, drunkies, Mexican food aficionados, musicians, hip hip hipsterrrrs, artists,like…everyone goes. The people-watching is crazy good.

There are parades, musical performances, incredible shrines that honor the dead, vendors, performance artists, costumes, cheap beer and margaritas and food!

Of course, this festival is incredibly beautiful and amazing to witness. Here’s a glimpse:

Johnny Ramone always gets respect.

Last year’s Stan Winston shrine! GEEK OUT!

Off-topic, but I always loved the fact that THE CROW: CITY OF ANGELS (1996) used Dia de los Muertos as the holiday setting for the story. I know, this movie like…sucks, but it’s incredibly beautiful, and production designer Alex McDowell (HERO) created an amazing apocalyptic-Dia de los Muertos-S&M-influenced version of Los Angeles.

And hello! Deftones perform IN THE MOVIE as part of the DAY OF THE DEAD CELEBRATION. So awesome.

“Teething” by Deftones

(Shot at the ground level of the Wilshire Bullocks building – one of the best Art Deco buildings left standing in Los Angeles. AND CHINO STILL HAD DREADLOCKS.)

No, the festival isn’t this crazy half-parade, half-rock concert with moms in skull makeup but…wait. It has moments like this scene. So. Uh. Well. GO AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!



Los Angeles Day of the Dead

Hollywood Forever Cemetary

and my own photos from 2006-2008 festivals!

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