Harry Clarke

The Masque of Red Death

Harry Clarke (March 17, 1889–1931) was an Irish stained glass artist and book illustrator. Born in Dublin, he was an important figure in the Irish Arts and Crafts Movement.

Pen, ink and watercolor.

Some of his best known and most successful works are Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairy Tales, Goethe’s Faust and Edgar Allen Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

“Celtic Mysticism, Symbolism, National Romanticism, Art Nouveau, all claimed an influence in the work of Harry Clarke.” – Belvedere College Museum.

Clarke’s stained glass work:

Though I love Clarke’s figures, for obvious reasons, some of my favorites are his most inert pieces. Landscapes. If you can call them that:

I have the pleasure of owning this piece, and a copy of the The Masque of Red Death seen at the top of this post:

The detail is astounding.

I first ran across his work at the Pasadena City College flea market. A vendor there sells original pages and prints of the books Clarke illustrated.

If you’re in Southern California, check out that flea market for art, and definitely for records. Rose Bowl flea market-schmarket – PCC rules too.


Harry Clarke Wikipedia

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Belvedere College Museum

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  1. ghoulnextdoor

    These are fantastic – and even a few I had not seen before! Thanks for sharing.
    By the way, the Dahl bit in Avant Garde – was that actually illustrated by him, or just artwork accompanying something he had written? Just curious!

    -Mlle. Ghoul


    Are you a fan of Beardsley by any chance? The pieces Clarke did for Poe & his stuff in general is just boss man! There are certain stylistic overlaps with Beardsley. They both snuffed out that candle too soon too. Good site though so nice one. Cheers.

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