And Picking And Picking

How could I forget!

Bonus: Johnny Depp, pre-Jack Sparrow. And! His two-second bit on stages proves that Jack Sparrow is indeed just Johnny Depp with a silly hat. Tricorn, greasy, silly hat and a beaded dreadlock. And eyeliner.


Nine Inch Nails at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards,

debuting “The Fragile” and Trent’s new body haircut.

Blinking fluorescent beams on undulating jib arms.


The boys aren’t bad either.

I remember watching this performance Back in the Day, breathless with anticipation and fangirl excitement and…

Wishing the song was harder and meaner and weirder, more akin to these:

and everyone’s favorite Romanek:

But, you know, The Fragile is like…fucking good, you guys. I sniffed at that MTV performance before I knew what was what.

Then that 2 disc album came out and changed my life, or something short of it.


Nine Inch Nails Stage Design Part I

Nine Inch Nails Stage Design Part II

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  1. Ian Perge

    I remember watching that awards show for Nine Inch Nails performance (and that out of all my friends I was the ONLY one to catch the “NinetyNine” Teaser Commercial the year previously, which I had to wait to prove it actually existed until 2002 when “And All That Could Have Been” was released and included it as bonus material) and unlike yourself *LOVED* “The Fragile” from go. It might very well be because I immensely dug “The Perfect Drug” and his remix of Bowie’s “I’m Afraid Of Americans” but that Trent said those would not represent the new album’s sound, as well as the “NinetyNine” mashup of “La Mer/”Into The Void” which soon after were name-checked in interviews as songs that would in fact be on the release. I suppose mainly, unlike the majority of Nails fans, I didn’t want “The Downward Spiral Pt. 2” but new sounds with new sounds from Trent. To be fair, a good deal of the fans caught on quickly to the greatness that is “The Fragile” but I can honestly say I loved it when first hearing it a few days prior to release on an early Internet stream (so early it was through dial-up and “Real Player”… imagine my shock when hearing it @ CD quality compared to that “squashed” stream! ;-)

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