Light Number One Light Number Two

I’ve had a ridiculous crush on this boy for the last year:


He also has one of the best light shows for his live sets.

Adam Guzman and Julia Tsao contributed to the final lighting design.

Truth: it’s boring to watch a DJ flip switches all night. Or hit pads. Or shit, sometimes it’s boring to watch a dude scratch. SOMETIMES. The latter is kinda…all sorts of sexy. Ok. Scratching ISN’T boring. Rescind that previous thought.

DJ-lusting aside –

Nosaj Thing is a great live experience because 1. Jason Chung is adorable, 2. Jason Chung has great energy onstage, and 3. the Light Show is Awesome! And oh, his album Drift fucking rules.

E for excellence!

This is pretty cute – fan video for “IOIO”

And this is romantic-al:

“Aquarium” directed by Greenlab Cinema

Dude needs to put out a new album! I’m feverish for it!

I also need a time machine, so I could go back to early April 2010 and catch Nosaj Thing and The xx on tour, in New York. SIGH.

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