Listening to the Records on My Wall

My girl J / Westside posted the new Skream video for “Listening to the Records on My Wall” on our Eastside Westside Podcast blog, and it’s so, so so rad. From XL8LR:

The oddly Biblical piece uses the story of Adam & Eve as its focal point, showing both the creation of the two people and the world around them via well-produced and impressive-looking special effects. Along with flashes of religious iconography, there’s a slight amount of nudity and sexual undertones through the whole thing, which probably warrants an NSFW tag. Skream’s new album featuring “Listenin’ to the Records on My Wall,” Outside the Box, will be released July 26 through Tempa.

The final music video is fantastic. I went looking for the behind-the-scenes video, and was floored by the artistic vision and hard work director David Wilson and his crew did for this video. No less than FOUR Art Directors worked on this video!

Check it out!


XLR8R Behind the Scenes

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