A Machines On The Table

This is a annoyingly perfect, enviable, and awesome collaboration.

Sleigh Bells, “A/B Machines”, live @ Creators Project NYC on June 26, 2010

Sleigh Bells, New York-based, music-blog-darling crunk/pop/kinda metal/post-hardcore-something-awesome band is comprised of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller. Alexis was a teen pop singer in a forgettable sugary all-girl band, then a Brooklyn school teacher. Derek was that cute guy who left Poison the Well. They met at a restaurant – he was her waiter, she was having lunch with her mom. Derek’s out-on-a-limb question to Alexis – “Are you a singer?” –  turned into a music project that is now getting so much hype and love. And it’s well-deserved. Their first LP, Treats, is a fucking great album. I’m incapable of describing their exact appeal. Sleigh Bells captures an angst and sexuality that is current and appeals to youth, and/or fading youth. And..Alexis and Derek are, you know, pretty hot.

So, it makes complete sense that New York fashion design house Pleasure Principle is collaborating with Sleigh Bells. The brand is dressing Alexis Krauss for the band’s first US tour. Jealous!

Pleasure Principle is well known for its hard-edged, new goth, deconstructed garments. PP manages to be innovative and wearable, and their clothes are perfect for our sexy, tough front woman.

Here’s Alexis in a custom, laser-cut Pleasure Principle dress at Pitchfork Fest 2010:

Haha! Girl! So tuff.

Here’s one of Derek, just because he’s awesome/cute:

Alexis in a PP shirt (whoa babez):

Pleasure Principle garments:

Laser cut skull. I copied this at home – trust me, it’d be nice to have a laser cut one instead.


PP also collaborates with one of my all-time favorite fashion bloggers/designers, Zana Bayne of Garbage Dress. She creates these leather confections:

Pleasure Principle’s newest line, with harnesses by Zana Bayne:

Smoke optional.

Pleasure Principle’s mission statement:

Pleasure Principle is a fashion label and collaboration between New York based artists/designers Diva Pittala (Italian) & Adrian Cowen (British).The team also create art installations and sculpture under the acronym C.R.E.E.,P. and have previously produced the experimental designer collection People used to dream about the future.

The biggest influence on the collection comes from questioning the relevance and purpose of fashion today. This is a conceptual artistic approach to fashion design and is a continuous influence on our work. It is an influence from within rather from outside.

For FW10-11 Pleasure Principle continues with an architectural approach to design, exploring the idea of reducing a pattern, sometimes literally to a square.

By morphing a familiar garment into an abstract form we blur the gender lines to create apparel that can be considered unisex.

This approach creates transformable pieces, clothes that can be worn in multiple ways giving the wearer freedom to interpret the style.

Silk chiffon is juxtaposed with the hardness of leather strap harnesses, emphasizing the contrast of the soft draped shapes with the bondage element.

The choice of silk chiffon which we over dyed, shrunk and enzyme washed, becomes almost masculine in the process.

Graphic print elements offer glimpses of an imagined identity, fragments of a personality, and often reflect the dark side of pleasure – hence the Freudian ‘pleasure principle’ name.

Our inspiration for the prints comes from those small pockets of culture that have not been completely obliterated by social conformity and mainstream thinking.


Sleigh Bells

Pleasure Principle

Pleasure Principle Facebook

N.E.E.T. Records

Garbage Dress

Images from Brooklyn Vegan

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