ENTER THE VOID, Dir. Gaspar Noe, 2010

WARNING: flashing lights.

Opening credits sequence – LFO’s “Freak” remixed by Thomas Bangalter

Gaspar Noé’s ENTER THE VOID is haunting me. I can’t say that I loved the film immediately, I can’t say that I’ll ever watch it again, and I can’t say that it’s better than IRREVERSIBLE.

But it is haunting.

And incredible. And impressively produced, written, planned, constructed, acted, presented.

Innocent, disturbing, nefarious, exploitive, respectful, meandering, amorphous, motivated, memorable.

It also brings forth the incredible talents of the film’s production designer, Marc Caro. Neon neon neon, everywhere.

Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk contributed work on the sound and music to this film. I’m unsure if he supervised the music for the opening credits sequence, but now I’m completely in love with the erratic, electronic track featured in it.

Official trailer

And of course, because it’s Gaspar…NSFW:

ENTER THE VOID Official Site – UK

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