Blondie – “Rapture”, 1980

This is one of the most important songs of all-time. Don’t deny it.

The video is awesome because:

1. It’s the East Village streets in 1981, covered in graffiti;

2. It’s entirely one-shot, which is always impressive;

3. Basquiat and Lee Quinones are painting the graffiti in the background (Basquiat showed up when Grandmaster Flash became a no-show);

4. Fab Five Freddy! And William Barnes in the white suit and the mastermind choreographer for the entire piece;

5. I think fashion designers are ripping off the entire band’s look: sewn-on crystal sequins, disco shorts, slim-cut everything? Well, ok, maybe not, but it’s clear that current fashion is still a throw-back to 1980 in many ways;

6. This video is technically the first rap video MTV ever aired. Weird, right?


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