Evil Boy

Die Antwoord // “Evil Boy” video, directed by Ninja

After digesting the crazy song and the phallic-centricity, because I’m sure that’s a bit distracting, can we talk about how fantastic and awesome the design of this video is?! It’s so GOOD. I’m partial to black and white aesthetics (duh), so of course I’ve always enjoyed the branding visual identity of Die Antwoord. It’s like rave rap recycled Keith Haring paintings and added a dose of evil.

Yo-Landi VI$$ER’s white mice coat is out of control and awesome as well.

Excerpts from Ninja’s interview with Pitchfork:

With the paintings in the “Enter the Ninja” video, I wanted to take the elements of drawings by retarded people and children and criminals and make that type of art three dimensional. So with the “Evil Boy” video I wanted everything to move so it’d overload the senses. We put care into every single detail so that the background got as much force as the foreground. The point was to make your brain unable to get it all in so you can watch it a lot of times and see something different, which is quite nice.

Pitchfork: Back to the video, who made that huge Evil Boy sculpture that turns in the background?

Ninja: With that, I drew some three dimensional sketches and then contacted the people who designed the ships from District 9. Then this lady Marcia [Vermaak] sculpted that giant.

Pitchfork: Was that a weird project for her?

Ninja: Yeah, she’s never sculpted such a big penis in her life. She was really into it though. She designed all the trees in the forest and then suggested putting a lot of penises on the trees. It’s quite funny– all these penises growing out of trees.


By the way, the band is slated to shoot a short film with Harmony Korine. Can’t wait to see that!

Full Director’s Cut interview on Pitchfork

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