Hit The Squares and The Triangles

Kuba from Lunchmeat emailed me these photos:


Wow. Lit paneling. Live music. Stage design. Nosaj Thing. Aalto, who’s new to me but not anymore.

Instant attraction.

So I dug in:

Check this description:

Romain Tardy alias Aalto spent 14 days before the performance in the first Lunchmeat’s art residency. He prepared the stage design and unique visual show for Nosaj Thing. Small team of carpenters helped him to construct the wooden base, which was coveder by more than 500 polystyrene triangles.

And that’s that, this is awesome. The next Lunchmeat project/show is March 19th, in Prague. Let’s go!


Aalto (romaintardy.com)

Nosaj Thing (nosajthing.com)

Lunchmeat (lunchmeat.cz)

3M (3mmedia.cz)

City of Prague (praha.eu)
Ministery of Culture (mkcr.cz)
MeetFactory (meetfactory.cz)
Red Bull Music Academy (redbull.cz)
Jägermeister (jaegermeister.cz)
Hydroponic (hydroponic.cz)
OP Tiger (optiger.cz)

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