Kevin Francis Gray

Kevin Francis Gray, born in North Ireland, currently lives and works in London.

Hand Job, 2007

Gray is best known for his haunting sculptures of veiled, hooded or “crying” figures. He is  also notably one of the few contemporary sculptors that works with marble, an art that I would love to see have a resurgence.

I didn’t know it, but I’ve been stealing photos of his sculptures for the last two years. And I FINALLY figured out who Gray is/was after all this time. It’s odd how you can’t trace the original artist off of many art blogs/tumblrs/visual art sharing portals/seances out there.

Face-off, 2007
Bronze, Automotive Paint, Wood

Kids on a Tomb, 2008
Fiberglass Resin, Automotive Paint, Wood

Ghost Boy

Fiberglass resin, automotive paint, wood.

Black Metal Martyr, 2009
Fiberglass Resin, Automotive Paint, Black American Oak

Ghost Girl2007
Carrara Marble, Glass Crystal Beads

Goth Girl2008
Fibreglass Resin, Glass Crystal Beads, Automotive Paint, Wood

Hanging Tree2008
Fiberglass Resin, Automotive Paint, Glass Crystal Beads

Voodoo Girls, 2007
Fiberglass Resin, Glass Crystal Beads, Wood

Pearly Girl & Pearly Boy, 2010
Fiberglass Resin, Automotive Paint, Black American Oak


I honestly stole photos from everywhere, from Google Images.

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