However You Want Me, However You Need Me

BELLY, Dir. Hype Williams, 1998

I was on today and dropped one of my favorite 90s songs, Soul II Soul’s “Back To Life” and immediately remembered this film.

BELLY has one of the best introduction sequences ever. Elements at hand include: an incredible, minimal remix of the aforementioned song, black lights, Nas, DMX, strippers, a strip club, money, strobe lights, armed robbery, NEON EYEBALLS, Malik Hassan Sayeed’s cinematography, and Hype Williams’ styling at its zenith. It seems like every hip hop music video tried to copy this sequence afterward.

I wish there was a better-quality video of this segment out there.

The rest of the film is pretty good.

(Big ups to an old friend who showed me this clip once upon a time, back in the day, however that goes)

Oh, ooh, and there’s T-Boz on that TLC tip. Miss you girl.

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