Boofin’ Up

You know me? I’m really into um, teddy bears.

Like this guy.

And this internet famous, moody British chap.

So this Weetabix cereal commercial makes me really, really stoked. Stoked on life. Stoked on bears. And dancing. And cereal. And commercial production.

The ending with the last bear made my face go like >_< then O_O


Here’s the awesome behind-the-scenes video for the commercial. Bear costumes what! No Furry jokes plz! Pedobear free-zone too, gawd, gosh, srsly.

The song is by Mord Fustang – “A New World”, which is also kinda dubstep-y, which is, you know, uh, rad.

The comments on the YouTube page for the commercial are hilarious. My favorite one is:

Next we’ll be having Screamo for Pampers baby wipes. – TheMunchlaxboy

The directors are: the DANIELS

Check it for cute drawings of bears.


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