Dress The Part?

Refinery29 and Levi’s put together a slide show called The Starter Kit, collages of outfits and accessories that _totally_ prepare you for that super-cool career you like, wanted and stuff. It’s not like you had any of these objects or clothes before! Duh!

[Insert slightly exhausted, disgusted chortle laughter here]


 There’s a page for the SET DESIGNER:

Sort-of-misnomers aside, this collection is awfully damn cute, and awfully almost accurate.

Set Designers (by American IATSE union definitions) are draftsmen/women – the ones who survey/measure spaces that will host or become sets, and draw (technical/architectural) the plans for construction. I don’t know if a cute Holga phone case pertains in any practical manner, but, you know, why not? I guess Production Designers and Art Directors are allowed to paw around with super-cool iPhone cases-with-lenses and Polaroid cameras, but most pros use, uh, DSLR cameras or tiny-camera-body-but-lots-of-pixels pro-sumer (barf on this description) digital cameras.

Here are some more playful jabs at this outfit suggestion/starter kit:

Leatherman tool, never a wee Swiss Army, sweethearts.

– Organize that Pantone color guide, damn it!

– Wood tool set is super cute, but where is your tape measure?! 25 feet minimum, doye!

– Boot cut jeans. Really? Levi’s/Refinery29 is going to send the entire art department back to 2001 just because we have a field job? Eff that.

I tease, of course, but writer Diana Ngyuen hones in some accurate observations of the Art Department life:

Inspiration can hit no matter where the set designer travels. Whether she’s on location or at a flea market, she’s always ready to capture even the smallest of details with her instant camera. A few weeks, a mood board, and some tools later, and she’ll have created an award-winning set. Of course, along the arduous process, she has to stay as comfortable as possible.

Not even going to hide the fact that Refinery29’s view of a Set Designer is a “she” and that I’m stoked about that description. TOTALLY ENJOYING IT!

Notice that this quaint Set Designer starter kit shares company with the Creative Director, the Music Producer, the Social Media Maven and the Sommelier. Attention, high school theater tech nerds and crafty film students – you’re in the Cool Kid Club of 2012, but maybe just this season.

Also, who the hell wears a white blazer after work? Also known as: questions Goth girls ask other people.

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