Hanna Liden

Hanna Liden first gained vast public recognition in the mid-2000s (because that is an era now, of the past!), and her work still has a lasting, haunting power. What I mean is: it seems like ALL of the posts on Tumblr rip her imagery/visual spirit/style, because cloaked, home-spun, scary occultism is very popular now. As it should be…DARKNESS COMES FROM WITHIN. HAHAHA! Cue your favorite black metal song!!!

Her work portended the popularity of masked figures, teenage hostility, draped bodies and avid use of macabre totems in visual composition. There’s a frightening emotion running through many of these photos, simply because it looks like these Swedish kids snuck out from home or school to call upon the evil spirits in the woods on a normal Wednesday afternoon.

Her work reminds me of:

Black metal

Occultists / witches

Human sacrifices




Nature programs depicting animals in the wild

THE VILLAGE (the good parts, like the costumes/production design)

Current work includes careful study of light combined with again, the macabre – the melted candles, the skulls and appearance of human appendages without owners. I suppose she’s moved her work to the indoors, within the studio, and the pieces are strong.

Here’s a great interview with Hanna Liden in Interview Magazine, naturally.


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