Picasso Baby

Jay-Z // Picasso Baby

Lots of discussion around this Jay-Z music video – lots of people “hate” it because now the mainstream is within the refuge walls of a respectable New York City art gallery. Jay-Z raps about artists – Picasso, Basquiat – buys those works, and now deigns to participate in a performance art piece. A piece that promotes himself, and his latest LP effort, Magna Carta Holy Grail.

 But: I love how Marina Abramović’s influence is so pervasive and powerful that a hip hop mogul felt the creative need to emulate her style of performance art. The clash of mainstream music and mainstream art doesn’t upset me – it’s amusing.

Art Basel is the new Coachella – something obnoxious I’ve been saying since 2009, dude!


Nothing is sacred, but nothing really needs to be.

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