Frame The Work – Warby Parker Fall 2014 Collection

I love a good frame.

Really into this clear frame trend and committed to a pair this year, with transition lenses (I know your parents have them, mine do too, and having instant sunglasses is kind of RAD, mkay? Well, very necessary for the four-eyed, active and often outdoors-type like me). Crystal clear acetate – really indulging my love for pure, sharp plastic.

Warby Parker is pretty great, catering to all easy-shopping needs – you can get up to five different frame styles sent to you to try on, or upload your pretty face on their website for virtual try-ons, or actually go to those brick-and-mortar places called stores in some towns.


Gary Oldman and I = eyewear twinsies

(Musician Baths, the first hip dude I saw who rocked/rock clear frames, so I had to steal his style

I tend to shop Men’s accessories first because the design and material tend to override in those gender-specified product lines so I selected some styles from the Men’s line from Warby Parker. However, WP is refreshingly considerate and provides the same exact styles for its Women’s line – I think the only difference is in sizing. And so we behold the actually-unisex styles from Warby Parker this fall:

Nash frame in Crystal

Coley frame in Crystal

I love any material that emulates the foaming movement of the sea, marble, or yes of course – horn and shell patterns:

Chandler Ti in Striped Pacific

Ames in Whiskey Tortoise

Coley in Woodgrain Tortoise

Durland in Tortoise

Burke in Tennesee Whiskey, the best of both crystal and colored frame world

Check out the entire Fall 2014 collection here.

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