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Cargo In The Blood

Art book: Cargo In The Blood


Limited 2000 prints of the book, featuring artwork made for Nine Inch Nails’ last LP release, Hesitation Marks and includes a piece of an original artwork by Russell Mills made specific for the books.

Video about the project down here, I quite enjoyed it

It’s almost 2016.

Who blogs anymore?


Immigrant Song

Okay, hyped or not, everybody cares about this movie.

I think the original film is better, but it doesn’t come with this incredible title sequence. And oh, OH, NO BIG DEAL, JUST TRENT REZNOR AND KAREN O FINALLY WORKED TOGETHER ON A SONG. It’s forgivable that it’s a Led Zeppelin song too (just go with it).

Blur did the effects for this sequence, led by creative director Tim Miller.

Here’s a sweet article and interview with Tim Miller on io9

The books seem like a waste of time, but the Swedish films are pretty damn entertaining. David Fincher’s films are always pretty, so those are worth a look.